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Offer pre-paid taxi service to friends, family, employees or corporate guests by purchasing Taxi Service Inc. RIDECARDS.

RIDECARDS can be purchased in $5, $10, and $20 increments and spend like cash in any of our vehicles. We can also tailor RIDECARD values to cover a taxi fare in its entirety. This works great for repetitive trips with the same pick up and drop location every time.

RIDECARDS are especially convenient for businesses. Work with our Sales Department to create a pre-paid RIDECARD that covers the trip between your office and the airport. Then simply have your guests and employees exchange a RIDECARD with our driver as payment for their trip. It’s super convenient for your people and saves everyone the time and expense of reimbursing employees and guests for cash receipts.

RIDECARDS control costs and have the added convenience of not filling out account slips or needing to reimburse employees for cash receipts. No more issues with approved rides or needing to know an account or reference number.

Purchase RIDECARDS in quantity for larger groups needing transportation such as incoming visitors, trainees, or conventioneers.


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