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Lost & Found

Call 763-592-6481 for our Lost & Found department. We will make every effort to locate your cab to retrieve your belongings in a timely matter.

Passenger’s Bill of Rights

As a passenger in our taxicab, you are entitled to the following:

  • A driver that speaks and understands English clearly
  • A knowledgeable driver that will take you to your destination by the most efficient route
  • A driver that practices good hygiene
  • A polite and respectful driver
  • That while your taxi is in motion, the driver refrains from talking on a cell phone (including hands-free devices) or text messaging.
  • A safe, well-maintained taxi with operating heat and air conditioning
  • A passenger compartment free of litter and personal items of the driver that restrict seating comfort.
  • An accurate charge for the ride provided and a receipt for the transaction (if requested)

If you feel your Passenger’s Bill of Rights was not met, please call 763-592-6482.


The nice thing about Yellow Cab is that they are in every city. There are “flashier” taxi companies out there, but none are as reliable, fast, or as cheap as Yellow Cab.
– Posted by Karen8998 (

I’m a senior and use cabs a lot. Your driver had very good people skills. He was very conversational and polite. You have a very wonderful staff too.
– Margaret (Customer Care Hotline)

Your Yellow Cab driver yielded to an ambulance just as he should, while one of your competitor’s drivers drove by him and nearly caused a serious accident. You can obviously tell which taxi companies properly train their drivers and which ones do not!
– Chris W. (Customer Care Hotline)

I wanted to compliment your driver. He was a very nice guy and his taxi was the cleanest one I have ever seen. Thank you very much.
– Rosemary G. (Customer Care Hotline)

I had the most wonderful driver. I felt very safe with him. He should be commended.
– Patty R. (Customer Care Hotline)


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